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Order 925 silver jewelry. Choose a category below. offers 925 sterling silver, unique jewelry for women and other gifts. Add sophistication and style at cheap sterling silver prices. Choose a category below to start shopping all our jewelry online.

All prices are in USD. All measurements are approximate. All sterling silver is stamped "925" to assure silver content.

925 sterling silver poison rings.

925 sterling silver poison rings,
prayer box rings or keepsake rings.
925 silver rings with stones.

925 sterling silver rings.
Silver jewelry with stones.
925 silver rings without stones.

925 sterling silver rings.
Silver jewelry without stones.
Fashion rings.

Fashion jewelry rings.
Unique jewelry online.
925 keepsake locket necklaces.

925 keepsake locket necklaces.
Increasingly popular as urn jewelry.
925 necklaces with stones

925 sterling silver necklaces.
Silver jewelry with stones.
925 necklaces no stones

925 sterling silver necklaces.
Silver jewelry no stones.
Fashion necklaces.

Fashion jewelry necklaces.
Unique jewelry online.
925 silver earring with stones.

925 sterling silver.
Earring with stones.
925 silver earrings no stones.

925 sterling silver.
Earrings no stones.
Fashion earrings.

Fashion jewelry,
925 sterling silver bracelets.

925 sterling silver
Fashion bracelets.

Fashion jewelry,
fashion bracelets.




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Managers Specials

Sterling jewelry has been around since 4000 BC and even then it was considered a precious metal. Its been moving up through the fashion world as new designs and style emerge over the years, and as time goes on silver just keeps getting more popular. Sterling jewelry comes in a different variety of styles and textures. The places which we now know that held the silver mines were Peru, Mexico, and other areas around the same region. It is said today that at that time 75% of the source of silver came from that area
Everything from fine designer jewelry to computer chips to file is used and needed with silver. It also shows a very powerful form by being used in many currencies through the planet. The characteristic of white gold with its silver but slightly darker finish can be seen in Sterling jewelry today, but at that time it couldn't have this finishing. Although it has so many purposes, I believe the best use of it is in producing jewelry products. The usual sterling that is used is usually highly polished and reflects the light beautifully.
Sterling is a big market in today's economy and it has manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, and buyers that at any given time control the shift and fluctuation of the price of silver by the day. There you have it, fine sterling silver and a basic history of the who, what, when, where, and of course we all know the why today. Because we all love wearing fine silver jewelry!

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